The TFS2020 FiberScout handheld optical fault finder is compact, lightweight and battery operated, making it easy to take it practically anywhere.

The FiberScout interprets the data for the user and provides a symbolic display that automatically identifies events and displays information about loss and distance.

Rent Tektronix TFS2020 FiberScout Optical Fault Finder

To determine a fiber’s condition, simply connect the TFS2020 FiberScout to the fiber, turn it on and press the Start Test button. The fiber is automatically tested, and the results are displayed in straightforward manner with words and symbols. No mathematics to remember. No complex equations to use. No backscatter signals to interpret.

Rent TFS2020

The Universal Short Range Port has an optical output wavelength of 850nm and a distance accuracy of +/-2m. The Long Range Port wavelength is 1300nm with a distance accuracy of +/-5m.

Rent Tektronix TFS2020


Simple Symbolic Display
Event Descriptions
Fast Restoration Capability
Small, Lightweight, Easy to Handle
Easy One-button Operation
Low Cost – High Performance
Long Range
Multimode Short Range
Dual Port Capability
High Distance Accuracy
User-selectable Fault Thresholds
Internal Battery Operation
Internal Test Result Storage
RS-232C Output Port : PC Interface, Seiko DPU-201G Printer, Seiko DPU-411 Printer
PC Interface Software
Rackmount Available

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