Rent ODM VIS 300 Video Fiber Inspection System Loss


VIS 300 video fiber connector inspection system

The VIS 300 is an extremely easy to use video fiber connector inspection system. The VIS 300 advances field connector inspection by a unique focus system. This development virtually eliminates the need to place the users hand in the same position each time for effective focus control. To inspect the backplane connector the user simply inserts the probe into the connector adapter. To focus simply turn the entire probe ¼ to ½ turns for complete focus range. No longer is it necessary for the user to keep one hand on the focus wheel.

The VIS 300 includes a bright 3.5 inch LCD display and precision optics to provide an unmatched FOV (field of view) of 630µm by 440µm.

Rent VIS 300

Extended use Lithium Ion batteries provide 8-10 hours of continuous use. When charging is necessary the included “smart AC charger” charges the battery in 3 hours and allows the unit to continue to operate.

Rent ODM VIS 300


Unique external focus mechanism eliminates need for focus wheel
¾ micron scratch resolution
Thin ergonomic probe design
Quick change adapter tips for all connector styles
3.5 inch LCD Display
FOV 630µm X 440µm
Advanced LiIon Battery & smart technology AC charger system
Rugged and compact size

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