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Rugged, compact, and lightweight
Three year recalibration period

The JDSU OMK-5 is a handy, pocket-sized instruments optimized for absolute power and loss measurements. This Kit also includes one power meter and one light source as standard. This combination is ideal for power and loss measurements. Each kit is packaged in its own robust field carrying case complete with all necessary adapters, cables. accessories.

Rent JDSU Acterna OMK-5 Fiber Loss Test Set

It is simple, compact and ideal for most measurements. Three-button operation and a bright, clear display make the pocket-sized OMK-5 very easy to use. The reference level for the attenuation measurement is made to IEC-874 (method 6) and can be saved with a single keystroke.

Rent OMK-5

The Possibility of measurement errors is eliminated because the power meter automatically detects the wavelength being transmitted by the light source. As a result, dual wavelength measurements can be made quickly and easily, using the saved reference levels.

The OMK-5 also features an automatic identification of individual fibers. It can be used to detect the modulation frequency of light coupled into the fiber to be measured for identification purposes.

To speed up this process, high performance OMKs feature an audible signal, identifying the fiber as one of four standard frequency. The signal sounds as soon as the fiber to brought near the input point.

Rent JDSU Acterna OMK-5

The OMK5 is designed for rugged field instrumentation and an optimized power supply. All pocket-sized OMKs come supplied with a robust case with enough space for accessories and test cables. For the individual configuration of a customer specific OMK, JDSU offers separate bags and cases. The very useful OVF-1 (visual fault locator) fits into all of the OMK series cases, and allows for the fast and easy identification of fibers and detection of fiber faults.

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