Essential fiber test sets for singlemode and multimode network applications
Auto-wavelength and TWINtest features for saving test time and error-free testing
Permanent reference power level storage
Fast download results using the USB port
Report generation with OFS-355 software

Rent JDSU Acterna OMK-35 Fiber Loss Test Kit


The OMK-35 is a dual-wavelength optical test kit with a single-port laser source (OLS-36) and a power meter with a UPP interface (OLP-35) for singlemode power measurement and loss test in access and metro networks.

JDSU SmartPocket™ Optical Test Kits (OMK-3x) are the new generation of pocket-sized and rugged instruments to install and maintain fiber optic networks. All test kits are equipped with an optical power meter and a dual or quad-wavelength optical light source dedicated to power level, insertion loss measurement and continuity check.

Rent OMK-35

Rugged field design and universal optical interface

Lightweight, shock resistant splash proof design and an extended operating time make the OMK-3x test kits an ideal solution for field use. Fixed or interchangeable optical source adapters together with a universal push pull (UPP) adapter on the power meters handling all 2.5 mm connectors (1.25 mm as optional accessory) make the new OMK-3x test kits ready for every connector type in the field.

Auto- ? recognition mode and TwinTest mode

Auto-? is a special feature developed by JDSU to identify wavelengths automatically thus avoiding any manipulation errors due to incorrect settings.
In TWINTest mode the source automatically toggles between two wavelengths. The far end optical power meter automatically measures both wavelengths.

Rent JDSU Acterna OMK-35

Network documentation and certification

All JDSU SmartPocket™ optical power meters provide result storage capability of up to 100 results. An optional micro USB port provides straight forward download using JDSU’s free ware OFS-355. This software offers PDF or Excel report generation with pass/fail analysis against customized or industry standard thresholds.

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