Rent JDSU 81WDMPMD PMD / WDM / SA Module 4 T-BERD 6000



Key Features

A unique solution combining OSA, PMD, and SA test functions in one plug-in module
The most compact PMD/WDM/SA test solution
The core product for the installation, verification and maintenance of high-speed DWDM networks
A shock-proof and vibration-proof module with no moving parts (drop tested at 70 cm!)
A compact and high-performance module with maximum portability (0.6 kg/1.1lb)


A multi-test module for WDM system installation, verification and maintenance

Network operators and system installers, who provide quality of service testing, require constant network verification to ensure that the infrastructure and equipment meet performance standards precisely and that they operate reliably.

The JDSU 81WDMPMD plug-in module is designed to meet the sophisticated test requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s complex DWDM networks. This plug-in module, combined with the MTS/T-BERD platforms, offers a fast, accurate, and cost-effective solution for installation, verification and maintenance testing. Using the optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) function of the 81WDMPDM module, all critical network parameters of a DWDM system can be verified, including channel wavelength, channel spacing, frequency, power, and optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR). The 81WDMPMD module also contains fiber spectral attenuation(SA) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) functions.

The combination of the OSA, SA, and PMD test functions allows technicians to validate the link’s compatibility with the DWDM system implementation and the high bit rate transmission. In addition to its various measurement capabilities, the flexibility of the MTS/T-BERD platforms enable easy evolution toward additional measurement capabilities and functionality enhancements.

A rugged field solution

The 81WDMPMD module is the ideal solution for DWDM- and CWDM-oriented applications. Due to its innovative technology, combining the MTS/T-BERD platforms with the 81WDMPMD module offers a portable, battery-powered, shock-proof, and drop-tested instrument for complete reliability in harsh environmental conditions. The 81WDMPMD module is the only WDM analyzer that passes a 70 cm drop test!

Three modules in one!

Not only does the WDMPMD module support the qualification of DWDM systems, but it also provides physical layer testing, including spectrum attenuation and PMD measurements. These two additional measurements are required for high-speed and full-band DWDM transmission capability verification. Having three test functions in a single module, capital expenses are optimized and the number of instruments to carry in the field is reduced

Full-band optical spectrum analyzer

The 81DWMPMD module uses bands of 1260 nm to 1640 nm for the characterization of DWDM and CWDM transmission networks with an optimized dynamic range (Figure 2). This module is the most compact solution on the market today, providing dedicated performance for system verification.

High-performance PMD measurement

The PMD test function is based on the Fixed Analyzer method, which is standardized by ITU-T G.650.2, IEC 60793-1-48, and EIA/TIA 455 FOTP 113. The PMD test function provides the following



Characterization of any fiber optic link, including optical fiber amplifiers, which provides a differential group delay (DGD) measurement range of 0.08 ps to 60 ps and a high dynamic range of 45 dB.
Automatic calculation of the second order PMD Delay and PMD Coefficient, providing information for future very high-speed transmission systems such as 40 Gb/s.
Optimized for field applications, the JDSU OBS-15 handheld is a mandatory tool for high-performance and high dynamic range PMD testing.
A broadband source module can be plugged into the MTS/T-BERD platform, offering an allin- one solution for the remote product (an OTDR, for example) and increasing the dynamic range to 47 dB.


DWDM/CWDM network installation (including physical layer testing with PMD and SA)
DWDM system verification and maintenance· CWDM system turn-up, verification, and maintenance Medium ORR values
Dedicated for the outside plant (OSP)

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