NetTest FS-400C Fiber Inspection

Rent GN NetTest Westover FS-400C 400x FiberScope

The inspection of fiber optic connectors is now faster and easier using the FS Series handheld fiber inspection microscopes. The microscope allows the user to visually inspect connectors for cleanliness and damage. It’s a quick, dependable way to ensure all your fiber optic connectors meet performance standard. The FS Series microscopes have multiple applications and are ideal for installation, system qualification or maintenance in all environments, from multimode LAN’s and premise installations to single-mode telephony and CATV networks.

Rent Westover FS-400C 400x


400x optics
Laser safety filters provide eye protection
Universal connector adapter that fits 2.5 mm ferrules

Rent GN NetTest Westover FS-400C 400x

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