Rent Fitel ID-H/Rv2 Optical Fiber Identifier

Rent ID-H/Rv2


(TONE mode only) decomposition performance increase
about 15dB improvement in performance degradation of light control
even if there is a strong background light, it can be extracted contrast light
Wide dynamic range
due to the high sensitivity,-50dBm to detectable
High power corresponding to (+20 dBm or so) further
Head replacement is unnecessary
available until coated outer diameter 0.25mm single fiber ~ 3mm code
Adopt a liquid crystal display (LCD)
in addition to display the measurement results of the optical frequency control and detected light level constant display device information identification mode, battery level
It follows the previous model
direction display, such as identification mode is the same as the (ID-H / R and ID-H) conventional equipment
can easily be used unchanged from previous models

Rent Fitel ID-H/Rv2

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