The OLP-18C is a compact, high performance optical power meter for installation, maintenance and repair in fiber optic networks. They can be used on their own for simple system power measurements, or with a light source for insertion lossmeasurements.

The full functionality of the high performance OLP range is realized when used with an Acterna Optical Light Source (OLS).

Together with a variable optical attenuator the OLPs are the right instruments for the commissioning of optical transmission systems, for example: DWDM systems.

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Easy report generation with FiberASSISTANT software
Data storage and RS-232 interface
Rugged, impact resistant, splash-proof
Three year recalibration period
High precision, easily exchangeable adapter including UPP

High performance measurement

High performance OLPs feature a wide dynamic range making them suitable for use in many different applications. The OLP-18C is designed for those with high power levels such as CATV systems, optical amplifiers and DWDM systems.

Precision calibration to traceable national standards ensures high accuracymeasurement in user selectable units. Two unique Universal Push Pull (UPP) adapters provide reliable, reproducible connection to all common 1.25 and 2.5 mm connectors, ensuring the user always has the correct connection in the field.

Absolute power level can be stored with a single keystroke, making it easy to take relative loss test measurements.

AutoWavelength Detection and TwinTest

Used with an Acterna Optical Light Source (OLS), high performance OLPs feature two powerful functions, designed to avoid the possibility of measurement errors.

The AutoWavelength Detection function detects the actualwavelength being used and switches automatically to the appropriate wavelength range. TwinTest performs two wavelength loss measurements automatically.

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Automatic identification of individual fibers

High performance OLPs can be used to detect the modulation frequency of the fiber to be measured, for identification purposes. To speed this process, an audible signal identifying the fiber as one of four standard frequencies sounds as soon as the fiber is brought near the input.

Data storage

High performance OLPs can store up to 1000 sets of testmeasurements. Data can be downloaded to a printer for hard copy records, or to a PC for long-term storage and further analysis using Acterna’s FiberASSISTANT PC software.

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Rugged field instrumentation

OLP-18C features low power consumption for long battery life. It can be operated with AC, dry or rechargeable AA batteries which can be changed in the field very easily. The unit is supplied in a robust housing, with splashproof foil keypad and protectors for the optical connectors, to ensure reliable operation even in harsh field conditions.

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