Key Features:

Wide range of OTDR and OLTS modules covering every application with two fast field interchangeable slots for modules
The ONLY platform highly visible in bright sunlight, this NEW high visibility screen option means the MTS-5100 can be used in any lighting condition
From LAN (1.5 m event dead zone) to very long haul applications (44 dB dynamic range)
High performance testing (up to 128,000 acquisition points with 0.1 s real-time sweep)
Maximum portability (3.5 kg) and up to 16 hours battery operation (Telcordia GR196)
A complete range of PC software to enhance your OTDR reporting capabilities reducing cable acceptance reporting by up to 70%

Rent Wavetek Acterna JDSU MTS-5100 Loss Test 50660

Advanced modular tester for high precision FTTx testing
The unique JDSU MTS-5100 is a fiber tester with a range of plug-in modules providing a comprehensive, integrated solution for OTDR and power meters with talk set option testing in one field-rugged instrument. Powerful, easy to use and highly cost-effective, MTS-5100 is designed to push the boundaries of field test productivity for network installers, operators and maintenance teams.

A wide range of field-interchangeable modules are available for the MTS-5100 platform, including OTDRs for multimode (MM), very short haul/FTTx (VSR), short range (SRe), medium haul (DR), long haul (HD), very long haul (VHD), and 1625 nm, visual fault locator, and a range of light sources and power meters with talk set option.

Rent MTS-5100

JDSU’s optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) and loss test (LTS) plug-in modules are compact, yet powerful additions to the MTS-5100 family of testers. The MTS-5100 offers the industry’s fastest, highest performance solutions of any OTDR field instrument on the market. Both the OTDR and LTS modules deliver high accuracy, cost effective, reliable testing for the installation and maintenance of FTTx networks.

The MTS-5100 OTDR is the fastest,most reliable and accurate OTDR on the market.
Together, the module’s automation and rapid testing features offer impressive time savings for companies involved in commissioning and locating faults in FTTx networks.

Maximizing field productivity
The most important prerequisites for testing in the field are ease-of-use and speed of acquisition. The OTDR module ensures maximum test productivity by providing one-button, automated operation for all of its critical test routines and a very high data acquisition speed of 40 dB in seconds.

Delivering the industry’s highest performance OTDR
The MTS-5100 OTDR module is the fastest and most accurate OTDR to-date. It offers a dynamic range of up to 44 dB at 1550 nm and boasts a 0.1 second sweep time. As part of the MTS-5100, the OTDR module has a test capability of more than 200 km and can measure up to 128,000 separate data points with 4 cm sampling resolution. The product’s short deadzone enables the user to differentiate events down to 1 meter.

Rent JDSU Acterna MTS-5100

Optimized functions for in-depth analysis/operation
The OTDR’s bidirectional analysis capability enables true splice loss measurement with both end traces.Its multiple trace management feature greatly assists the process of proactively managing fiber problems and helps compare different current and stored measurements for in-depth analysis. A powerful macro function enables users to perform a series of tests without ongoing user intervention.

Suitable for every skill level
Whatever the user’s skill level, the OTDR module and MTS-5100 instrument combination can rise to the challenge. Direct access keys ensure that users can access all the instrument’s sophisticated features via a highly intuitive interface and by a comprehensive set up and results screen. The OTDR module delivers complete trace analysis, with a direct link between trace and table.

Enhanced reporting power
Powerful instruments require powerful reporting tools. The OTDR and loss test set come with the most complete analysis and reporting software. The package supports direct Ethernet transfer to a PC running JDSU’s OFS-100 Optical Fiber Trace Software or OFS-200 Optical Fiber Cable Software. This enables users to perform automatic multiple trace analysis and print out cable test results in batches, for fast generation of dedicated acceptance reports.

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