The industry’s only handheld solution for inspecting and testing fiber networks with one device.

The new JDSU HP3-80 display system combines fiber inspection and High Power optical power measurement into a single seamless handheld device. The result is a significant increase in workflow efficiency and a decrease in total inspection and testing time. Also available is the HP3-80-P4 that features an integrated patch cord microscope for dedicated patch cord inspection.

The HP3-80-P4 system, derived from the popular HD3 series, provides high-quality image resolution in a compact, portable design. The integrated power meter offers quick, easy, and convenient field measurement of High Powered optical power and attenuation. Easy push-button operation makes the device simple and straightforward, while the inspect-test process establishes optimal workflow practices.

Rent JDSU HP3-80 Fiber Microscope Inspection System


Promotes best practices in fiber handling by combining inspection and testing into one device
Integrated functions & feature improve workflow by eliminating need to switch from one device to another
Significantly reduce total inspection and test time for superior workflow efficiency
Reduces the number of tools and accessories you carry and manage
Inspect the bulkhead with the probe and the patch cord with the integrated PCM (with HP3-80-P4)


Inspects fiber end faces and accurately tests and measures optical power in one device
Quickly and easily inspects both the bulkhead (with probe) and patch cord (with PCM) sides of fiber interconnects
Measures optical power and attenuation (with JDSU optical light source)
Dedicated for all single-mode and multimode applications
Use with JDSU light source to detect modulation frequency and identify individual fibers
Promotes proper fiber handling workflow and practice

Rent HP3-80

Key Features

Inspect both sides of fiber interconnect, and accurately test and measure optical power with one device
Integrated functions and features eliminate switching between multiple devices
Input for FBP series probe microscope and a dedicated patch cord microscope (HP3-80-P4) lets users quickly and easily inspect both sides of fiber interconnects
1.8 inch TFT LCD to view clear, crisp, detailed images of fiber end faces with optimal resolution
Integrated power meter for all single-mode and multimode applications, such as LAN, TELECOM, CATV, and DWDM testing
Modulation frequency detection lets users identify individual fibers
Three-year calibration period
TWINtest and Auto-? (with JDSU optical light source)

Rent JDSU HP3-80

Benefits of the Integrated PCM

Lets users quickly and easily inspect both sides of the fiber interconnect
Reduces inspection time by more than 50 percent
Inspects bulkhead with probe microscope and patch cord with PCM
Eliminates changing inspection tips on the probe to inspect patch cord side
Prevents misplaced and mishandled inspection tips
Prevents misrouting by inspecting one port/channel at a time
Protects male (patch cord) ends from contamination by parking it in the patch cord module
A complete selection of FMAE adapters for every application and connector

Integrated Patch Cord Microscope (PCM)

The HP3-80-P4 features an integrated patch cord microscope, adding further value with improved workflow efficiency. Enabling the user to quickly and easily inspect both the female (bulkhead) and male (patch cord) sides of a fiber interconnect and measure optical power levels makes the HP3-80-P4 the ultimate system for fiber technicians.

JDSU offers a complete selection of FMAE adapters that lets users inspect every application and connector.

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