Rent GN Nettest GN-6025 Fiber Optical Loss Test Set

Fast, rugged and easy-to-use.
Intelligent, flexible and accurate, the NetTest GN-6025 Series features Optical Power Meters, Light Sources and Loss Test Sets that simultaneously test and store dual-wavelength attenuation measurements. By alternating between wavelengths, the synchronized meter and source constantly update displayed data — slashing test time in half and preventing costly documentation errors from mismatched source and meter wavelength readings. Best of all, dual-wavelength measurements are stored with the touch of a button and the next fiber is automatically measured.

Rent GN-6025

Perfect for all fiber optic testing environments.
Users can rely on our handheld Loss Test Sets during every phase of network installation, system qualification, troubleshooting, restoration and maintenance. The combination of practical features, ease-of-use, field performance and rugged design makes them the perfect choice for all fiber optic testing environments — from multimode LAN/premise to single-mode telephony and CATV. A pair of Loss Test Sets are ideal for the bi-directional attenuation measurements widely required in cable system acceptance tests. A single Loss Test Set is indispensable for on-the-reel, loopback, cable assembly and component testing where both fiber ends are accessible.

Rent GN Nettest GN-6025


Auto wavelength switching
LP View Windows®-based PC software
3 way power
2 kHz tone generation and detection
CMA 4000 OTDR compatible
MT-RJ connectors option available

The best testing solution for your money.
Featuring a simple keypad and backlit display with adjustable contrast, the GN-6025 Loss Test Sets and Power Meters are designed with the needs of end users in mind. Extensively field-tested, they provided fast, accurate point-to-point measurements. In fact, dual-wavelength measurements can be taken, stored and their fiber counts incremented with the touch of a single button. The GN-6025 Loss Test Sets and Power Meters provide data storage of up to 900 dual-wavelength fiber measurements, greatly reducing the amount of time spent on paperwork in the field. Users have the option of either 0.1 dB or .01 dB resolution. Quick and convenient, all loss test sets and power meters come complete with Windows®-based software to upload results onto a host PC.

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