Rent EXFO MaxTester FOT-922X Singlemode Fiber Meter


The FOT-920 MaxTester Automated Loss Test Set is the unit of choice for field technicians in network installation and maintenance. This unit integrates a fully automated bidirectional loss test set (OLTS), a light source and the Ultra-High-Power™ power meter with useful options to create versatile combinations.

High-Fiber-Count Installation

The FOT-920 gives you the edge when it comes to high-fiber-count installation. First, when doing a large volume of testing, the return on your investment takes less than a year. Second, the FOT-920 reduces the time you spend testing, training and in the field, making it ideal for outside plant applications.

Rent FOT-922X

OC-48 and OC-192 Systems

Due to their high modulation rates, lasers used to transmit at OC-48 and OC-192 speeds are highly sensitive to ackreflection. When installing networks designated to transmit at these speeds, measuring backreflection is a must to ensure proper stability of the lasers and their central wavelength.

Maximize your testing capacity with the FOT-920 MaxTester.

FasTesT—automated bidirectional loss testing
Optical return loss testing
Simultaneous testing and locating
Ultra-High-Power™ power meter
Key Benefits:

Automated dual-wavelength bidirectional loss testing on one connector in less than 30 seconds
Storage of up to 512 fiber records
Message-exchange capability
Backreflection capacity ideal for OC-48 and OC-192 systems
Power meter with up to 35 dBm capability
Three-way powering: NiMH and 9V batteries; AC adapter/charger

Rent EXFO FOT-922X

The All-in-One Unit

Bidirectional, Dual-Wavelength Testing and Professional Reports
EXFO understands that your time is valuable; that’s why the FOT-920 features the patented FasTesT system. FasTesT automatically measures single-fiber loss in both directions, at two wavelengths, in less than 30 seconds. To speed up the reporting process, the FOT-920 stores all test results in its non-volatile memory; later, you can file test data according to your own cable identification scheme. Create more extensive reports, including user and test location information, with ToolBox 6 software (included). Download, print or store results on a computer hard drive.

Optical Return Loss (ORL)

With widespread use of OC-48 and OC-192 transmission systems, bandwidth is essential. Flawless operation of high-data-rate systems depends on measurement and control of backreflection or optical return loss (ORL).

ORL can affect transmissions by
Destabilizing DFB laser sources
Interfering with high-frequency analog signals
Increasing the bit error rate in high-frequency digital signals
Simply measure ORL with the FOT-920 using the optical continuous wave reflectometer (OCWR) method.

Maximizing Testing Efficiency
The FOT-920 MaxTester is a compact, portable test tool that stands up to virtually any field environment. It features a splashproof casing, durable shoulder strap and long-life rechargeable battery. The backlit alphanumeric display quickly and easily shows you results and messages under any light conditions.

Data Management
With increasing fiber deployment in Telco and CATV networks, busy fiber installation companies sometimes hire subcontractors to perform installation jobs. But subcontractors need to provide test documentation to show that a job meets specifications.

Now, subcontractors who use the FOT-920 can produce quality documentation efficiently. Thanks to the data logging and management features of the FOT-920, users can archive results and download information through the RS-232 port to a PC for professional analysis and report generation.

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