Key Features

FOX functionality allows for automatic continuity check, bi-directional IL, ORL, and length measurements with a single key press
FTTx ready by integrating dedicated wavelengths (1310/ 1490/1550 nm) for PON testing as well as an optimized test sequence for increased field productivity
Compact and rugged design makes it an ideal field tool
Large front panel provides easy access for the connection/disconnection of the fiber
Large, high-visibility color display allows for use in any lighting conditions, making it suitable for both outside plant and central office use
Test results are provided in a single table, providing a very comprehensive data management system
Pass/fail indicators allow for rapid fault detection and identification

Rent Acterna JDSU OFI-2000 Fiber Loss Test Set

Fiber network deployment, service provisioning, and troubleshooting

In today’s telecommunications market, test solutions must be cost effective, increase productivity, and reduce the complexity of field testing. JDSU’s OFI-2000 Multifunction Loss Test Set offers a highly versatile handheld test instrument, which has been specifically developed in response to these industry demands.

Configurable at the time of order, the OFI-2000 is capable of fully characterizing the suitability of the optical fiber for transport, metro, or access networks, including FTTx and Passive Optical Network (PON) systems.

By combining a large high-visibility color display, intuitive one-button Fiber Optics eXpert (FOX) functionality, and simple pass/fail indicators, the OFI-2000 enhances productivity and reduces the burden of training technicians. Cables with high fiber counts can be easily characterized using the OFI-2000’s unique color-coding and large memory storage capabilities. In addition, professional proof-of-performance reports can be quickly generated using JDSU’s FiberBudget and FiberCable software solutions.

Rent OFI-2000

Improve productivity and efficiency in the field

The OFI-2000 includes several features that improve productivity and reduce test times on cables with high fiber counts. Using the test instrument’s FOX functionality, technicians are guided through the test setup process. In addition, one single key press automatically tests, displays, and records measurements on both the near-end and far-end units.

Ensure accurate and consistent testing with the OFI-2000’s durable shock- and weather-resistant design
Extend testing periods using batteries in the field (up to 14 hours)
Dramatically reduce test times by evaluating fiber continuity, insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL), and length measurements and displaying all results on both OFI-2000 units within 15 seconds per fiber
Minimize the amount of time required for fiber connection and disconnection using the OFI-2000’s easy front panel access
Store complete test results in both OFI-2000 units for an on-site reporting capability in master-master systems
The OFI-2000 automatically stores results at the end of each test and replicates the results between the near-end and far-end units to ensure the integrity of the test data
Minimize handling errors using the OFI-2000’s pass/fail indicators

Portable, rugged, weather resistant and battery operated, the OFI-2000 is ideal for field testing during the installation and deployment of both fiber and PON networks.

Test the fiber

Using the OFI-2000’s easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), the test instrument is simple to set up for referencing and obtaining ORL measurements. The technician is easily guided through the necessary steps. Each unit integrates a precise standalone power meter to enhance referencing and improve optical return loss budget measurement accuracy.

Provides an automated bi-directional loss test set for fiber insertion loss, return loss, length, and continuity checking as well as an optional VFL and optical talk set
Tests at 1310/1550/1625 nm wavelengths for telecommunications applications
Tests at 1310/1490/1550 nm wavelengths for FTTx/PON applications
Provides accurate and reliable ORL measurements even on very short spans of fiber, FTTx for example

Rent JDSU Acterna OFI-2000

Bi-directional FTTx testing using one technician

In compliance with ITU-T G.983.3, the OFI-2000 provides a three wavelength version at 1310 nm, 1490 nm, and 1550 nm, expanding its test capabilities to FTTx/PON
The master-master operation of the OFI-2000 enables technicians to leave one unit at the central office (CO) in standby mode and perform the testing from the ONT using the other unit. Alternatively, multiple OFI test instruments (OFI-2000s or OFI modules for the MTS/T-BERD platforms) can be used.
Document both ends of the link with one piece of test equipment

Communicate along the fiber

Near-end and far-end technicians can communicate with each other using the built-in short messaging system (SMS). For more flexible dialog during testing using a dedicated communications fiber, the OFI-2000 is available with a 45 dB optical talk set option, providing a dedicated port and headset/microphone for both units.

45 dB optical talk set offers a constant communication capability with a dedicated port and headset/microphone
Compatible with all optical talk sets in JDSU’s product portfolio, including the MTS/T-BERD platforms and the OTS-55

Comprehensive list of cable results

Using JDSU’s unique cable manager solution, the amount of time and costs associated with analyzing your results can be significantly reduced. Results can be provided by job, cable, or fiber according to the pass/fail thresholds that have been preset by the technician.

Large memory storage capability and pass/fail indicators improve productivity (up to 1000 fibers)
The user-definable color-coding management system follows TIA/EIA wiring standards and automatically decodes the fiber number to help the technician identify the different fibers
The results display allows for the rapid identification of missing records and/or “fail” values

Generate the test report

Transfer the data and generate comprehensive reports using JDSU’s FiberBudget software. This software is complimentary and can be downloaded from

Generate proof-of-performance reports with a high degree of customization capabilities
Dedicated tables are provided for each test result (length, loss, ORL)
Out-of-range value summaries are provided with analysis of macro-bends
Compare results between the different wavelengths to identify bends and constraints

Enhanced testing solution

The OFI-2000 not only functions as a standalone test solution, but it can also be combined with JDSU’s MTS/T-BERD platforms for the complete characterization of the fiber network using additional test functions, such as OTDR, CD, and PMD. The OFI-2000 is fully compatible with the OFI module of the optical test platform allowing for fiber continuity checks and bi-directional length, loss, and return loss measurements as well as enabling communication through the optical talk set or using the SMS.

Simplify fiber testing!

A wide range of accessories are available that will provide technicians with everything they need to take advantage of the OFI-2000’s complete testing capabilities.

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