Ideal FiberMASTER 33-931 Test Set


Power measurement in dBm and µW, loss display in dB
Unique “docking” light source and easy three button operation make this the perfect fiber tester for use in the field

Rent Ideal Fiber MASTER 33-931 Fiber Loss Test Set

FiberMASTER provides all the features professionals require to certify and troubleshoot any type of fiber optic cabling.

Measure fiber optic power in milliwatts (mW) and decibel-milliwatts (dBm) to test and troubleshoot active LANs. Quickly measure cabling loss with the automatic calibration feature that stores reference power from any light source for quick dB loss calculations. Plus, the 1490nm wavelength measurement mode is perfect for troubleshooting emerging Fiber To The Home cabling systems.

Rent Master 33-931

The IDEAL FiberMASTERTM fiber optic testing kit allows the user to measure absolute power and calculate the loss of fiber optic links at several wavelengths. Absolute power measurements are helpful when trouble shooting equipment that may not be operating properly. The dB calibration feature allows the operator to set a reference level to the light source and directly read the loss of fiber optic links without needing to manually calculate the values.

Rent Ideal Master 33-931

The unique form factor allows the light source to be docked neatly within the power meter. This makes the kit compact for easy storage while still allowing full operation of both the source and meter.

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