Rent EXFO PPM-350B PON Power Meter 1310 1490 1550


This unit is the same as the EXFO PPM-252B-EA-EUI-91

Pass/warning/fail indicators (10 threshold sets) for easy assessment of power values—anywhere on the network
Simultaneous measurement and display of all PON signals—voice, data and video
Filtered measurements, providing distinct power values for each signal (1310 nm, 1490 nm and 1550 nm)
The most easy-to-use instrument of its kind: simply connect the fiber and read the results
Extended-range option for testing at the central office (CO) and before the splitter
Go-anywhere versatility: enables quick, accurate testing all across the network

The industry’s first PON-specific power meter, the PPM-350B is the flagship of EXFO’s line of test instruments specifically intended for FTTH and FTTP systems.

Service Activation Testing

Optimizing network reliability requires that all PON signals be measured all the way through service activation to ensure they meet established standards. The PPM-350B offers the features to address this need:

Pass-through connection for ONT signal measurement and simultaneous measurement of all PON signals
Filtered detectors for individual measurement of each wavelength
Upstream burst detection at 1310 nm

Troubleshooting Testing

Throughout the maintenance phase, various transmission problems—fiber cuts, damaged/dirty connectors, macrobendings, optical transmitter failure, etc.—may ultimately cause signal loss or degradation. Benefit from the PPM-350B’s troubleshooting functionalities:

Quick, on-site test and measurement of PON signals, anywhere on the network
Fault identification and isolation

Rent PPM-350B PON

Correctly measuring PON signals can be a challenging task: not only can a single fiber carry up to three signals, but the upstream signal coming from the ONT operates in burst mode, which means that it is only active during its “allowed” timeslot. This is true whether the network is based on the BPON, EPON or GPON technology. Moreover, the timeslot is shorter in higher-speed networks such as EPON and GPON. Designed with this in mind, the PPM-350B PON Power Meter delivers accurate results for burst signals.


Groundbreaking Technology—Two-Port Pass-Through

The PPM-352B two-port model acts as a pass-through device, which means that it is connected between the OLT and the ONT. A small percentage of the signal is extracted for use by the power meter’s detectors.

This approach enables all wavelengths to be used simultaneously. Also, since the PON equipment can keep functioning normally, the ONT continues to operate (to respond to the OLT), and therefore to transmit and have its laser on.

Up to 10 User-Definable Threshold Sets

Depending on the location of the test and the type of equipment used, different threshold values can be required. The PPM-350B enables you to select from up to 10 threshold sets—each set consisting of three wavelengths (1310, 1490 and 1550 nm) having their own pass, warning and fail thresholds. These values can be configured via the HHDT PC-based software.

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