Rent EXFO Multifunction Fiber Optic Talk Set VCS-20A


VCS-20A Multifunction Fiber-Optic Talk Set

03BL-ER = Extended range 1550 nm laser singlemode
02C = 1300 nm Multimode LED (>28 dB)

The VCS-20A Multifunction Fiber-Optic Talk Set brings together four convenient tools in a single test set, combining a full-duplex digital talk set, a stable light source, a 2 kHz tone generator and a 2 kHz tone detector. The VCS-20A can be configured for singlemode and multimode applications with LED or laser sources. Multiple Applications The VCS-20A fulfills more than simple communication needs. In fact, the light source is calibrated and is stable in time and temperature. Use continuous wave selection to perform attenuation and insertion loss tests. Why carry an extra source when one VCS-20A does it all?

Rent VCS-20A

Extended Dynamic Range Two new configurations have extended the VCS-20A’s dynamic range to 50 dB. This wide range makes it possible to use new applications requiring clip-on devices. Easy-to-Use Talk Set This unit is rugged and provides high-quality voice communication over a single fiber. The unit’s hands-free operation is convenient and simple: press the Talk button to send or receive a call. As usual, conversations are as clear as if both operators were in the same room. Powerful and Durable For hours of flawless operation, the three-way powering function automatically selects the best alternative among the choices of rechargeable NiMH battery, 9 V alkaline backup and AC adapter/charger input. Its rugged waterproof casing and protective holster make the VCS-20A the preferred field-testing instrument in the outside plant industry.



Voice communication over optical fiber
Link-loss characterization

Key Features and Benefits

Dynamic range of 50 dB
Full-duplex communication over a single fiber
Crystal-clear, noise-free digital transmission
Four instruments in one
Hands-free operation
Three-way powering

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