Rent EXFO MaxTester II FOT-930 Fiber Tester FOT-932X


FOT-932 Ge detector, dual-wavelength 1310/1550 nm

The new FOT-932 MaxTester Multifunction Loss Tester is designed to help network service providers address CAPEX and OPEX issues, enable installers to easily adapt to all network types, and provide CATV operators with a single-unit solution to their backreflection, fiber-length, high-power and bidirectional loss measurement needs. Combined with its video fiber inspection probe, this unit also enables the easy detection of dirty or damaged connectors, providing a clear view of connectors and fiber ends on the FOT-932’s high-resolution display.

With countless configurations available, the FOT-932 MaxTester is the handheld unit of choice for today’s network service providers, fiber-optic network installers/contractors and CATV operators.

Rent MaxTester II

FTTx-Mode Operation

This mode lets you configure your FOT-930 MaxTester to suit your FTTx wavelengths and test-unit locationsas well as choose your preferred data presentation options for on-screen display or report generation. Key benefits include:

Display of test data according to FTTx terminology
Similar test-data presentation, regardless of the location of master and remote units

Rent EXFO MaxTester II

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