Detects traffic, optical tones,and continuous signals
Indicates power and direction
Displays absolute orrelative power
Uses macrobend technique,safe for fiber
Adapts to three fiber sizes withits universal head
Avoids disruption with its lowinsertion loss

Rent EXFO LFD-100 Live Fiber Detector LFD 100

Insightful instrument

The LFD-100 detects traffic and measures signals anywhere on singlemode and multimode fibers without having to disconnect them. You can check for signal presence before re-routing or maintenance, perform continuity tests, and verify cable labeling. The LFD-100 uses a safe macrobending technique that neither disrupts traffic nor damages or overstresses the fiber. You end up with precise information reliably and efficiently.

Fast, simple, and complete diagnosis

When you turn the unit on, it performs a selftest after which you begin testing fibers. Clamp the LFD-100 onto a fiber; within seconds, a beep sounds, and a highcontrast, multifunction LCD provides you with a complete status report including

Rent LFD-100

signal presence or absence (live or dark fiber)

signal type (customer traffic, continuous or modulated test signal at 270 Hz, 1 kHz, or 2 kHz)
signal direction
absolute core power within 2 dBm

Unique relative reading feature

Get the most out of your live fiber detector by using its accurate relative measurement feature. This feature provides you with a display resolution of 0.1 dB and is perfect for optimizing connector and rotary splice alignment. The LFD-100 can effectively replace a power meter while you optimize fiber placement in a tray to reduce loss. You can also use the LFD-100 to monitor core power while making adjustments nearby.

Rent EXFO LFD-100

Universal adjustable head

Its revolutionary, adjustable clamping mechanism and unique, non-removable head adapts to just about any fiber size and type, including color-coated fibers and yellow patchcords*. You can even clip safely onto a 12-fiber ribbon cable.** Simply set the selector to 250 µm, 900 µm, or 3 mm, and clamp. It is a one-piece unit, so you do not have to be concerned about losing test head adapters.

Some restrictions apply. See specifications on the other side.
Signal detection is limited to the six middle fibers

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