Lab and Field Versatility This portable variable attenuator performs just as well in a laboratory environment as it does in the field. Superior specifications make it the variable attenuator of choice for a number of applications. For lab or fieldwork flexibility, choose the FVA-60A.

Rent EXFO FVA-60A Fiber Variable Attenuator FVA


Up to 70 dB attenuation
Typical 2.5 dB insertion loss
Automatic attenuation sequence with Program mode
Standard Universal Interface

Three attenuation display modes
Absolute (including insertion loss)
Relative (in reference to 0.00 dB level)
x + b (arbitrary value)

Program mode: Cycles through a repeatable sequence of up to 60 attenuation steps, pausing for one second or up to 60 hours at a time. The Program mode is particularly suited to accelerated bit-error-rate (BER) testing.

Fourteen available wavelengths Matches your source wavelength to the nearest 10 nm for unbeatable accuracy.

Variable scanning speed Scans the complete attenuation range at four different speeds according to the selected step size (0.05, 0.20 or 1.00 dB/step and variable step size).

Rent FVA-60A

Remote Control Capability Operate the FVA-60A remotely from your PC using the standard RS-232 interface and control codes. Program software solutions are adapted to your testing needs.

Three-Way Powering Goes a Long Way The FVA-60A features three complementary power sources for extended operation: a rechargeable NiCd battery, a 9 V alkaline backup battery and an AC adapter/charger for continuous operation.


Exceptional Specifications High-quality optical components make the FVA-60A Variable Attenuator the standard for performance and flexibility. EXFO’s computer-assisted calibration techniques deliver remarkable specifications:

± 0.15 dB linearity
0.05 dB resolution
± 0.10 dB repeatability

Multiple Applications The FVA-60A enables consistent operation in various manual or automated testing situations.

BER testing
System testing and acceptance
Power meter calibration and verification
Optical margin analysis
System loss simulation
Field, manufacturing and R&D applications

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