Rent EXFO FTB-7423B Long Haul OTDR Module


EXFO FTB-7423B Singlemode OTDR Module
In today’s competitive market, high-performance, easy-to-use OTDRs are more essential than ever for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting networks. With the new FTB-7000B and FTB-70000C series OTDR modules from EXFO, you get the right tools to precisely detect and analyze fiber splices, connectors, breaks and other events along a fiber link. The FTB-7000B series delivers a wide choice of OTDRs to conveniently test the range of optical networks out there.

Rent FTB-7423B


Reduced trace noise: catch low-loss events
Short dead zones: detect closely spaced events
Four-point loss measurements: measure event loss and reflectance accurately
Optical return loss (ORL) calculation: pinpoint the backreflection level of singlemode networks, components and connectors
Quick startup: reach 90% of maximum dynamic range in under 30 seconds
Fast acquisition, fast analysis: a trace starting at 7 seconds
High sampling counts: locate events with unparalleled precision
Down to 8 cm sampling resolution: pinpoint fault locations with extreme accuracy

Rent EXFO FTB-7423B

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