Rent EXFO FTB-150 Fiber OTDR FTB-7200D Module


A complete, rugged, simple solution for fiber characterization

Rent FTB-150

Houses any of EXFO’s renowned OTDR confi gurations
Tests up to four wavelengths
Industry’s fastest acquisition times
Multimode and singlemode testing
Shortest dead zones in the industry
Touchscreen and shortkey functionality
Improved productivity
Four-second power-up time
Faster acquisition, processing and reporting
Advanced zooming functions
File autonaming and reporting
Fiber inspection probe
Optical power meter and VFL
Macrobend fi nder
Linear trace view

Rent EXFO FTB-150

A Complete Solution for Fiber Characterization The FTB-150 Compact OTDR takes EXFO’s world-renowned OTDR technology to the next level of user-friendliness. This small, lightweight OTDR-dedicated platform is factory-confi gured to house any EXFO OTDR confi guration. Choose the model that best suits your test requirements and applications.

So, whether you need to carry out tier-2 certifi cation of premises networks, characterize your links during construction and installation, or perform fast, effi cient maintenance and troubleshooting testing, the FTB-150 Compact OTDR delivers the performance you’re looking for.


2.9 kg/6.4 lb

Fast and powerful

Four-second power-up time with Windows CE/mobile

Faster acquisition, processing and reporting

Instantaneous AutoSync USB data transfer
Faster acquisitions—down to fi ve seconds
Remote control and virtual applications

Flexible connectivity

File transfer and software upgrading through USB
USB A/A-B, RJ-45 and Bluetooth fl exibility
Compact Flash (memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)

Built for the outside plant

Waterproof outer shell, sealed joints, door panels for extra port protection
Advanced TFT transfl ective display, for great visibility under direct sunlight
Rugged shortkeys and tracking knob
Extended battery autonomy of more than eight hours


Short Dead Zones:

EXFO’s FTB-7200D helps you boost test productivity for inside-plant applications. Their exceptional 1 m event dead zone enables you to easily locate and characterize all events between the transmitter and the central office’s fiber distribution panel. This feature also comes in handy in metro, access and FTTH network applications, where events are usually closely spaced.

The FTB-7200D model is ideal for private/premises/enterprise network testing. It offers the industry’s shortest dead zones, as well as lightning-fast acquisitions. Test multimode fiber within premises, or singlemode fiber between premises—all with a single OTDR unit—and maximize your return on investment.

Delivering Higher Accuracy for Event Location:

The FTB-7200D locates events with pinpoint accuracy:

Up to 128 000 sampling points for higher trace resolution
Sampling resolution down to 4 cm, for ultra-accurate fault location
Better linearity—down to ±0.03 dB/dB—for more accurate event characterization

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