The FOT-90A Power Meter, one of the most complete fiber-optic power meters available, just got better. EXFO is leading the industry again by being the first to offer +35 dBm capability in a handheld instrument. This sturdy unit has received worldwide acceptance in the fiber-optic industry. In a world where technology seems to change every second, the FOT-90A continues to demonstrate its superiority by providing reliable performance and accurate measurements.

Rent EXFO FOT-90A Fiber Optic Power Meter

The FOT-90A is a high-performance unit for power/loss testing of fiber-optic links and components. It features an automated wavelength-recognition system with intelligent testing options. Paired with a compatible light source (FLS-210A or FLS-210B), the FOT-90A automatically recognizes operating calibration wavelength parameters, then averages, validates and stores loss data with easy one-button operation.


– Up to +35 dBm capability with Ultra-High-Power model
– Available with calibration at 980 nm, 1480 nm and 1625 nm
– Optional RS-232 interface
– Large, easy-to-read, backlight display
– Data-management software available

Programmable Data Acquisition

Store up to 400 readings automatically at a programmable time interval when performing monitoring applications with the FOT-90A. Permanent memory registers allow you to store up to 512 readings manually for future reference or viewing.

Rent FOT-90A

Professional Data Management

Analyze extensive data with the optional RS-232 interface. This option comes with all the necessary applications to download, view, export or print your data in table or graph form. Develop your own programs and control the meter from a remote location with the control codes. Tailor the FOT-90A to your testing needs.

Signal Detection at 2 kHz

Accelerate fiber identification with this handy feature by locating fibers carrying a 2 kHz signal, even through a 3 mm jacket. A special adapter facilitates this operation while ensuring that you don’t overbend the fiber.


Three-Way Powering

The FOT-90A features three complementary power sources for extended operation. When the rechargeable NiCd battery runs low, the unit automatically switches to the 9 V alkaline battery backup. An AC adapter/charger is also supplied for continuous operation.

An Ideal Complement

Temporarily connect unterminated fibers directly to the FOT-90A with EXFO bare fiber adapters. These adapters are user-friendly, will not bend or put excessive pressure on the fiber and offer the highest precision available on the market today.

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