Rent EXFO FOT 20A Meter FLS 130A Source Fiber Test


FOT-20A Power Meter

The FOT-20A Power Meter is compact, accurate, rugged and easy-to-use instruments for both power and loss testing. Like all of EXFO’s handheld power meters, the FOT-20A can be calibrated to a custom wavelength


Direct loss measurement in dB
Five electronically calibrated wavelengths
Shockproof holster also acts as storage compartment for fiberoptic adapters and replacement battery
Auto-off function
Power measurements in dB, dBm and W

Rent  FOT 20A


The FOT-20A incorporates EXFO’s linear amplification technology and are traceable to NIST. It offers five calibrated wavelengths, and perform 2 kHz signal detection for fiber identification. Unit configurations are available with germanium or high-power germanium detectors. An electrical offset nulling feature makes the FOT-20A ideal for operation in extreme temperature conditions.



The FOT-20A Power Meter meets Telcordia’s strict drop-test requirements. A complete range of EXFO fiber-optic adapters is available for connector interface. A single 9 V battery powers these units for over 14 hours.


Transmitter power measurements (dBm and W)
Fiber-link loss testing (dB)
Component insertion-loss testing (dB)
Fiber identification with 2 kHz signals
LAN installation and maintenance applications

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