Rent EXFO FOS-120A 850/1300 Fiber Optic Light Source


The FOS-120A Light Source delivers excellent stability. It is compatible with the FOT-10A and FOT-20A Power Meters, which are suitable for a variety of testing applications including continuity and end-to-end testing.


The FOS-120A Light Source features single- and dual-wavelength sources from single or double ports. The units deliver continuous wave (CW) signals for power/loss measurements and 2-kHz signal generation for fiber identification.

Rent FOS-120A 850/1300 

Unit Powering

Powering options include a 9 V battery and a standard AC adapter. The battery life offers a minimum of seven hours of continuous operation. An auto-off function with a 10-minute timer is included to preserve battery life.

Rent EXFO FOS-120A 850/1300


Single- or dual-wavelength configuration
2-kHz signal generation for fiber identification
Dual powering: 9 V battery and AC adapter/charger
Auto-off function

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