Rent EXFO FLS-110 Polarized Optical Source 4 PMD


The FLS-110 Optical Source is a handheld polarized source—ideal for field PMD measurements. This broadband LED (typically 65 nm FWHM in the C band) is especially suited to PMD measurements using the FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer.
Practical Features

The FLS-110 offers CW and 2 kHz modulation for fiber identification, complete status indicators, a low-battery indicator and an Auto-Off function. The unit is housed in a sturdy, waterproof case surrounded by a shock-absorbing holster that protects the instrument in tough field conditions.

Rent FLS-110

The FLS110 features three complementary power sources for extended operation. When the rechargeable NiCd battery runs low, the unit automatically switches to the 9 V alkaline battery backup. An AC adapter/charger is also supplied for continuous operation.

Rent EXFO FLS-110

Key Features

2 kHz modulation for fiber identification
Three-way powering
Wide-spectrum LED models for PMD measurement
Autonomy of up to 40 hours

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