Rent EXFO BRT-320A Fiber Optic Back-Reflection Meter


EXFO’s BRT-320A is a field-ready return loss test set.  It comes equipped with rapidly stabilizing TEC lasers and low-drift photodetectors to ensure constant optical return loss (ORL) measurements year after year.

Built-In User-Friendliness
Use the BRT-320A to read backreflection from 0 dB to -70 dB and easily store up to 300 readings in a non-volatile memory. ORL readings appear directly on the large, backlit LCD. An ORL zero function accounts for incidental backreflections before the point of measurement and complies with Bellcore optical continuous wave reflectometer (OCWR) requirements. In User Calibration mode, you can calibrate the unit to a known reflection.

Other features include three-way powering (rechargeable NiCd battery pack, 9 V battery, AC adapter/charger), 0.01 dB resolution, ±0.1 dB linearity, internal InGaAs detector, low-battery indicator and a protective holster with shoulder strap.

Rent BRT-320A

Reveal Return Loss Problems
Many digital and analog fiber systems require ORL characterization. ORL along a fiber span is a combination of Rayleigh scattering and Fresnel reflections. Together, these phenomena can reduce fiber system performance and increase bit error rate (BER) by degrading transmitter stability. The BRT-320A measures cumulative link return loss and individual component reflectance to reveal potential ORL problems before they seriously affect your applications.

The BRT-320A is ideal for local and long-distance Telco, CATV, utility, broadband and transmission equipment manufacturing applications. These environments often require complete network ORL characterization and component reflectance verification. The BRT-320A also functions as a stable, continuous-wavelength light source for attenuation measurements. Other applications include fiber component and cable manufacturing.

Rent EXFO BRT-320A


Optical return loss (ORL) measurement

Key Features and Benefits

Fast-stabilizing, thermoelectrically cooled laser and a low-drift photodetector to ensure consistent measurements year after year
Measurement range of 0 to -70 dB
Quick and easy to operate
Rugged, field-ready and stores up to 300 readings

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