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Product Information

DORC’s ZX-1 nano is designed specifically to inspect fiberoptic connectors for contamination or surface scratches on the ferrule or fiber endface. The hand-held (HH) unit has a built-in LCD monitor to provide inherently eye-safe viewing of potentially “live” connectors. Conventional direct viewing microscopes usually contain laser filters to absorb or reflect the invisible laser radiation. However, it is impossible for the operator to know if such precautions are in place and providing effective protection.

Rent  ZX-1

The ZX-1 nano is an “inspection only” system that comes in either a hand-held (5″ built-in LCD monitor) or bench-top (external 12″ monitor) configuration. Both models offer high magnification and incorporate high-resolution optics, providing extremely bright and sharp images of both PC and (optionally) APC fiberoptic connectors. The ZX-1 nano HH runs continuously for approximately 5 hours on a single charge. The included universal voltage AC adapter permits charging anywhere in the world.

Rent DORC’s ZX-1

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