Rent Corning Siecor OTS-400 Fiber Loss Test Set



Installation, testing and troubleshooting of LAN, telco, CATV and FTTx networks

The Corning Cable Systems OTS-400 Series of intelligent and versatile optical meters, sources and testers offers simultaneous testing and storage of dual-wavelength attenuation measurements. At the press of a button, dual-wavelength measurements are made and stored for the fiber under test. These sources, meters, and testers can be used during installation, system qualification and maintenance. The combination of practical features, simple operation, field performance and rugged design makes them perfect for virtually all fiber optic testing environments

The OTS-400 Series meters, sources and testers are offered individually or packaged in test kits which include two instruments, accessories, test jumpers and a carrying case. The most popular combination of port adapters and test jumpers has been pre-selected for each type of kit to allow for testing “right out of the box.” A wide variety of additional source and meter port adapters are available along with other optional accessories.

Rent OTS-400

Features / Benefits

Auto testing provides automatic wavelength switching that cuts typical testing time in half
Stores up to 1000 measurements which can be separated into individual cables, panels, or jobs. This eliminates field paperwork, saves time and improves testing productivity
USB data ports provides convenient transfer of data to OTSView Windows®-based PC Software for storage, viewing and printing of test results
Dual-, triple- and quad-wavelength sources provide the flexibility of testing multimode cables, single-mode cables, or hybrid cables
Two power meter ranges available: +10 to -70 dBm (standard range) and +26 to -55 dBm (extended range) with 40 calibrated wavelengths provide both LAN testing and long-haul testing flexibility
Dual- and triple-wavelength testers with source and meter in the same unit improve bi-directional testing productivity by eliminating the need for technicians to physically change ends of the system under test
Generation and detection of 270 Hz, 1 kHz and 2 kHz tones provides system continuity tracing capability
Thresholds available for pass/fail indication, which speeds the testing process
Rugged and ergonomic design with backlit display makes the OTS-400 easy to read, easy to hold and easy to handle
Complete selection of connector adapters available with field-interchangeable universal interface adapters on source ports and screw-on connector adapters on meter ports, which eliminates the requirement to use hybrid patch cords for testing

Rent Corning Siecor OTS-400

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