Rent Corning Siecor OTS-311D Fiber Optical Tester


OTS-311D-MTRJ Optical Tester

Corning Cable Systems OTS-311D-MTRJ is a dual-wavelength (850/1300 nm) hand-held tester with a dedicated MT-RJ connector. The units simultaneously test and store dual wavelength attenuation measurements. The synchronized meter and source alternates between wavelengths to continuously update the displayed data. Test time is cut in half and prevents costly documentation errors from mismatched source and meter wavelength readings. With the press of a button, dual wavelength measurements are stored and the next fiber is measured. The units also provide system continuity (Tx to Rx) and actually test two fibers at once!

Rent OTS-311D

​Test sets can be used during installation, system qualification, troubleshooting, and maintenance. The combination of practical features, ease of use, field performance, and rugged design make them perfect for fiber optic testing in the multimode Premise MT-RJ environments.

Rent Corning Siecor OTS-311D

Designed for the end-user, units provide quick, user-friendly operation via a simple keyboard and backlit display with adjustable contrast and data storage of up to 900 dual wavelength fiber measurements. The user can select the resolution for either 0.1 dB or 0.01 dB. Units come standard with LinkLoss Windows based software to upload results onto a host PC. In addition, units have an internal mandrel wrap to eliminate overfilling the fiber core.

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