Rent Agilent N3900A OTDR CD & PMD N3916AL N3909AR


The Agilent N3900A Modular Network Tester is a portable, lightweight, rugged test platform for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of optical networks. Developed from customer feedback from installation and maintenance (I&M) technicians worldwide, its modular design delivers the measurements you need, when you need them. Snap-on measurement modules meet your test requirements for today’s communications networks; the modular platform protects your investment, and lets you grow into your future measurement needs.

The Modular Network Tester can hold up to three modules to perform OTDR measurements, chromatic dispsersion, polarization mode dispersion or optical spectrum analysis, or a 1×12 Optical Switch module. A video microscope camera can be connected to ensure clean, fast and safe connector inspection as the connector surface picture can be analyzed on the 10.4” display. From the carrying case to the handles and tilt-stand, from the pop-up connector to your choice of interface, attention to detail and to your feedback provide the perfect fit for the way you work.

Rent N3900A

The Modular Network Tester is powered by a 64Bit RISC® processor architecture with a real-time operating system, VXWorks®, for mission critical operations. Each test engine has its own RISC processing power for ultra fast data acquisition and high accuracy post processing. The Modular Network Tester boots in one minute and all the modules can be hot-swapped – so it’s always ready to work when you are.

Ergonomic design The Modular Network Tester feels like an extension to your arm. It has a hand strap, an ergo grip, and a shoulder strap to work with you and keep your hands free. Attaching a fiber optic connector to a test engine has never been so safe and fast. The pop-up connector can be raised for connection and cleaning purposes and sits securely in the down position, protected by a dust cover while in transit.

The video microscope protects your eyes and speeds up your fiber optic connector cleaning procedures. Flash-card data storage is rugged and secure – there is no internal hard drive to crash. The Toolkit companion software, Toolkit III, prepares acceptance reports the way your customers want them and handles post-processing jobs to free you up for the next task.


Rugged lightwight and ergonomic design.
Large, brilliant 10.4″ color display, with touch screen functionality and cursor control.
USB & LAN ports for connectivity to your PC
Hot plug modules
Secure and rugged data storage
One day battery operating time


Storage     Internal Memory: 170 MB available memory
3.5” floppy disk drive: for high density, 720/1440 KB floppy disks. MS-DOS format compatible.
PCMCIA     One Type III or two Type II PC Card slots
Flash Disk: up to 512 MB
Display     SVGA-LCD: 25.9 cm (10.4”) color TFT display
800 x 600 pixels (SVGA)
Human interface     Touch screen
Cursor control navigation
5 User programmable Soft keys
On/Off key
Help key
Measurement Stop/Start key
Power On indicator
Battery charging indicator
Battery charging level
Interfaces     Universal Serial Bus (USB 1.1): for connection with USB Video Microscope Camera N3988A
USB 1.1 Peripheral: Transmission for up to 12 Mbit/s
RS232C: 9-pin, maximum baud rate 115200 baud.
Parallel Port: 25-pin, standard parallel port (Centronics)
LAN: RJ-45 jack, (Ethernet 10/100)
Keyboard: PS/2 port (Mini-DIN) for English Standard, PS/2 or AT keyboard
VGA: Analog monitor output with SVGA resolution, 60 Hzb
Headset: Standard microphone and speaker plugc
General     Operating temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C
Storage temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C (without battery)
Humidity: 95% Relative humidity from 0 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions: 230 mm H, 330 mm W, 61 mm D (9.0” x 13” x 2.4”)
Weight: net 3.3 kg (7.5 lbs), including battery pack.
Power supply     AC: 100 – 240 Vrms ± 10% 50 – 60 Hz.
DC: 18 V, 60 W
Battery: Lilon
Battery operating time: typically 5 hours continuous measurements with standard OTDR test engine at 50% backlight setting.
Charging Time: < 3 hours non-operating
Battery deep discharge protection: provided

Rent Agilent N3900A

Agilent OTDR Module N3916AL

The Agilent OTDR Module N3916AL works together with the Agilent Modular Network Tester, and are easy to snap on. The OTDR application is uploaded in seconds due to the dynamic software architecture, and allows plug and play operation. Each OTDR test engine has built-in RISC processing power for fast and accurate trace acquisition and data processing. These test engines work in parallel processing mode with other connected test engines, for example, the 1×12 Switch module. All OTDR modules can be shared between multiple users, without the need for any software changes.

All Done. All Right. After the measurements have been taken the Pass/Fail Test will automatically check for attenuation and insertion and return loss. The new Bending Test will locate both macro and micro bends.
Easy Connector access and protection. The pop-up connector solves many common problems. For easy access to the optical fiber connection, the pop-up connector is released to the up position, where a fiber can be attached without any obstacles, or the connector cleaned. This also minimizes the risk of scratches to the connector. In the down position with the dust cover closed, the connector stays protected and clean during transit.
Attach the right connector. Agilent’s universal connector interface allows a large range of standard fiber optic connectors, such as FC/PC, SC, and LC, to be connected to the OTDR port. The connector interfaces are easy to attach, even when working on site, and once removed, the fiber ferrule is easily accessible for cleaning.
Acceptance Test Done. The companion software, Toolkit III, prepares acceptance reports the way your customers want them, and handles post-processing jobs to free you up for the next task

Chromatic Dispersion Features:

Powerful built-in measurement algorithms provide the user with fiber type and accurate chromatic dispersion information.
Access to just one fiber end is necessary.
This engine combines the CD analyzer with the capabilities of a 4-Wavelength OTDR.
Fiber loss test and chromatic dispersion in one go.
For easy dispersion compensation planning, the user directly gets dispersion values and dispersion slope ratios as a function of the wavelength.

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