Rent Agilent HP E6000B OTDR w/ E6010B Fiber Module


The Agilent/HP E6000B Mainframe maximizes your network uptime by locating and characterizing faults quickly and accurately.

The combination of 16,000 data points and a minimum sample spacing of 8cm allows the powerful analysis algorithm to determine the exact location and characteristic of an event.

The Agilent/HP E6000B OTDR repeatedly outputs an optical pulse into the connected fiber and measures the reflections from this pulse. The trace displayed on the screen is a graph of this reflected power (backscatter) as a function of the distance along the fiber.

 Rent E6000B

Events are changes in the fiber causing the trace to deviate from a straight line. Events can be Reflective or Non-Reflective.

Reflective Events occur when some of the pulse energy is reflected, for example at a connector. Non-Reflective Events occur at parts of the fiber where there is some loss but no light is reflected. Non-Reflective Events produce a dip on the trace.

The E6000B OTDR calculates the distance of such an “event” in the fiber from the time it takes the reflected signal to return. The further away an event is, the longer it takes for its reflection to return to the E6000B OTDR.

A fully automatic function is available and the E6000B OTDR sets itself up to achieve the best results for the measurements such as the location (distance) of events on the link, the end of the link or a break, the attenuation coefficient of the fiber in the link, the loss of an individual event or the total end-to-end loss of the link, the magnitude of the reflection (or reflectance) of an event, such as a connector, the cumulative loss to an event can be measured automatically.

Rent Agilent HP E6000B

The Agilent E6000B can operate through the supplied AC adapter between 100V and 240V ±10%, at a frequency in the range from 50 to 60 Hz. The maximum power consumption is 30VA with all options installed.

The Agilent E6000B can operate from a DC power source that supplies between 16V and 24V. The maximum power consumption during a quick charge is 30W with all options installed. Typical power consumption is below 8W.

Key Points:

Built in Applications
Built in multi fiber test
With template mode
One button operation
Automatic event adjustment
15 secs power up cycle
Automatic fiber characteristic
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