Rent Noyes VFS 1 Video Fiber Scope


The VFS 1 is a portable video microscope designed to inspect fiber optic connectors through bulkhead adapters.

The VFS 1 can be used to inspect fiber optic connectors installed in patch panels, distribution frames, network equipment, and test equipment. The VFS 1 is comprised of inspection probe and display unit. The probe includes an internal LED coaxial light source and a miniature CCD video camera. No bulb replacement is required. The front arm of the probe may be used in two positions: straight or 60°. The focus control is located at the rear of the probe.

Rent  VFS 1

This allows the user to easily focus the probe even while inspecting connectors on equipment back planes or densely packed patch panels. The probe accepts adapter tips that can be quickly changed when inspecting different connector types. The display unit provides a high contrast, active matrix LCD display. The size and resolution of this display and the resolving power of the optics used in the probe allow detection of pits, scratches, and contamination within the polished end of 125 µm fiber. In addition, a wide field of view allows inspection of the surrounding ferrule to a diameter of at least 250 µm. A video output is provided for an external monitor.

Rent AFL Noyes VFS 1


Easy To Inspect Small Form Factor Connectors
In-place Inspection Of Fiber Optic Connectors
Active Matrix Display
0° or 60° Probe-Arm Angle
Portable and Workstation Models Available
Battery or AC Power

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