The VFI 1 is a simple, easy to use instrument designed to visually test optical fiber cables, splices and connectors. When a discontinuity exists in a fiber, the injected red laser light from the VFI 1 will glow at the break point indicating the trouble spot.

Rent Noyes VFI 1 Trouble Lite Visible Fault Identifier

Used with either multimode or singlemode fiber, the VFI 1 offers many useful applications such as finding breaks within a CO or CEV (where OTDR’s have minimal effect) visually locate trouble in splice trays, patch panels and for tracing fiber runs.

Rent VFI 1

The VFI 1 is extremely small and easy to operate with only an ON/OFF switch and optical output connector. A 9 volt alkaline battery allows the unit to be truly field portable. The unit comes complete with a soft carrying case, protective rubber boot and instruction card. An optional AC power adapter is available.

Rent AFL Noyes VFI 1

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