The OFS 300 is a versatile instrument for the inspection of optical fiber connectors. By employing a universal adapter mount, the OFS 300 offers the ability to inspect virtually any connector style for scratches, dirt, or other problems normally associated with poor transmission performance.

The OFS 300-200C offers precision 200x magnification to easily inspect both multimode and single-mode fiber optic connectors.

Rent Noyes AFL OFS300-200C 200x FiberScope

The OFS 300 offers 60 hours of continuous battery life. A low battery indicator will flash when approximately 8 hours of optimum brightness remains reducing the risk of eye strain. Various adapter caps are available to convert the mount to the desired connector style. The OFS 300-200C uses the same common threaded connector adapter caps as the Noyes Optical Power Meters and Loss Test Sets.

Rent OFS300-200C


Optical Specifications      OFS 300-200C
Nominal magnification      200X
Adapter cap Mount      thread-on (Universal)
Safety filter      Schott KG3 > 40 dB IR

Rent AFL Noyes OFS300-200C

General Specifications      
Operating temperature      0 to +50°C
Storage temperature      -20 to +50°C
Power      2 AA alkaline batteries
Weight in use      1.5 lbs. (.67 kg)
Size (H x W x D)      5 x 2 x 8 in. (13 x 5 x 20 cm)

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