Noyes OFS 300-200B

The OFS 300 is a versatile instrument for the inspection of optical fiber connectors. By employing a universal adapter mount, the OFS 300 offers the ability to inspect virtually any connector style for scratches, dirt, or other problems normally associated with poor transmission performance.

Rent Noyes AFL OFS300-200B 200x FiberScope

The OFS 300 offers 60 hours of continuous battery life. A low battery indicator will flash when approximately 8 hours of optimum brightness remains reducing the risk of eye strain.

Rent OFS300-200B

Various adapter caps are available to convert the mount to the desired connector style. The OFS 300-200B uses the same common threaded connector adapter caps as the Noyes Optical Power Meters and Loss Test Sets.

Rent AFL Noyes OFS300-200B

Optical Specifications     OFS 300-200B
Nominal magnification     200X
Adapter cap Mount     thread-on (Universal)
Safety filter     Schott KG3 > 40 dB IR
General Specifications
Operating temperature     0 to +50°C
Storage temperature     -20 to +50°C
Power     2 AA alkaline batteries
Weight in use     1.5 lbs. (.67 kg)
Size (H x W x D)     5 x 2 x 8 in. (13 x 5 x 20 cm)

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