Rent AFL Noyes VFS2 180X Video Fiber Optic Scope


The VFS 2 versatile Video Fiberscope, designed for inspection of dirty and/or damaged connectors, offers unparalleled access to connectors and bulkhead adapters and retains superior image quality associated with Noyes inspection products. The unique “optical-knuckle” design allows the user to orient the VFS 2 probe head in virtually any direction for viewing connectors that may be located in tight or difficult locations. Compatibility with standard adapters eliminates the need for expensive custom angled adapters reducing total cost of ownership. With a probe head length of less than 8 cm (3.25″), access into crowded and cramped quarters becomes a reality.

The VFS 2 resolves ¾ micron scratches keeping with our standard of quality end-face images. This inspection scope is one-handed operated and equally easy for both right and left handed individuals. The VFS 2 probe may be paired with the VFS 2 high-resolution 3.5″ Display unit.

Rent VFS2 180X


Unparalleled access to connectors and bulkhead adapters
Resolves ¾ micron scratches
500 micron field of view (diagonal)
Standard adapter tips for easy centering
Precision focusing (left or right handed)
Lithium-ion battery

Rent AFL Noyes VFS2 180X


Inspect optical connector end faces for damage and contamination
Patch cord inspection including a wide range of connector types
In adapter inspection – view connectors in patch panels
Rotating head feature to inspect connectors in tight locations with standard adapters

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